Don’t rely on any old rock! Grow ‘em right with the MM Mineral Block. The MM Mineral Block provides all the right minerals, with all the right ratios, in a convenient block for portability.



The convenience of a block, with a difference you can SEE. The MM Protein block is a newly reformulated product that has a blend of processed grains and whole grains for optimized protein consumption.



Scientifically formulated with well-balanced animal nutrition as a priority, but rest assured it has greater attraction power because every ingredient is naturally recognized as food by all wildlife.



All habitat is not created equally. Give your wildlife everything they need to maximize their potential with Monster Meal Mineral Supplements.



A complete nutritional product. Monster Meal Feeder Pellets closely simulate natural browse. Your wildlife will quickly grow to prefer this pellet over any competitive pelleted feed.

In 2014, a passionate group of deer hunters began a project. The concept was simple; develop the only line of premium wildlife feed, mineral supplements, and attractants specifically formulated for wild animals. Not just any feed, mineral, and attractant, but the best formulas, with the most attractive ingredients, to provide exceptional nutrition for the recreational land manager, wildlife enthusiast, or hunter. They named those products Monster Meal™. That team included a Ph.D. in animal nutrition and a team of animal nutrition experts, all employed by one of the largest agricultural cooperatives and animal feed manufacturers in the US. Some of those team members influence the products today.

Monster Meal™ products became the preferred products of premier outfitters, industry experts, and recreational land managers across the US and Canada. Quality products rarely go unnoticed, and in 2022, Fore Runner Feeds, LLC, an Iowa-based outdoor products company secured ownership of the Monster Meal™ brand and entered a manufacturing agreement with the parent company. This change maintains the same “Safe Feed, Safe Food” certified mills to manufacture and distribute the Monster Meal™ line of products and will guarantee the longevity of the Monster Meal™ brand. The focus that Fore Runner Feeds, LLC. has on hunting and outdoor consumer products will ensure that these exceptional products will be available, unchanged, to serious hunters, herd managers, and outfitters across North America.

The Monster Meal™ promise is this: any product with the Monster Meal™ brand will represent the most beneficial products for all wildlife in their category. Monster Meal™ products use only the ingredients that provide proven nutritional benefits through palatability, digestibility, and naturally attractive aromas. No designer ingredients that deer won’t eat or make skeptical claims about alternative benefits, just solid, safe products for your wildlife to consume.

The owners at Fore Runner Feeds, LLC. have a long history of investment in the land that they own, a passion for the animals that live there, and a dedication to creating memories and legacies for themselves and to benefit those around them. To our loyal Monster Meal™ customers, we say thank you for your commitment to providing only the best to your herd. To our new customers, we welcome you to the evolution of recreational herd management.