The concept is simple; getting deer to consistently use your hunting area requires that you use products that they prefer. Most attractants will grab an animal’s attention, but they fail to create a desire to return. Why? Because the animal gets no real benefit. Monster Meal® Attractant is developed from ingredients that all animals instinctively identify as food based on an aroma profile and provide well-balanced animal nutrition in any season. Feed it straight out of the bag without fear of negatively affecting digestive function or blend with corn or other feed to increase nutrition and attraction.


Protein plays a critical role in weight gain, milk production, and bone matrix development. Numbers are only part of the equation and protein levels can be deceiving. Just because a product has a high level of protein, does not insure that the animal can use it efficiently or that it has a complete nutritional profile. In many cases, competitive products cause digestive distress and lack palatability. This reduces feed intake. If they won’t eat it, it cannot help. Monster Meal® Feeder Pellets and MM Protein Blocks are a complete nutritional products formulated specifically for wildlife. Monster Meal® Feeder Pellets and MM Protein Blocks have the power to transform your herd and your hunt.


Choosing the wrong mineral product can be detrimental to your herd. Monster Meal® Mineral products are formulated by our own full time ruminant nutritionists experts to provide optimum animal benefit. Minerals play an important role in all types of body function. Monster Meal® Mineral products have the correct ingredients, in the correct ratios, to provide optimal antler growth, skeletal development, milk production, and reproductive efficiency. Monster Meal® Mineral products uses activated minerals to increase the ability of wildlife to process the ingredients for optimized digestion.